Peggy Choi speaks about Elusive Creativity at TedxHKUST

Lynk CEO & Founder Peggy Choi was recently invited to speak at a TedxHKUST event on Elusive Creativity. She began by suggesting to the audience that creativity can be hacked.

“It all starts with a change of mindset!”

Peggy explained that knowledge and experience are key ingredients, along with the right information and context, to make a creative decision. Over time, conversations can help you to expand your experience base, increasing your ability to draw lines and connect the dots.

“This is exactly the reason why our team at Lynk is so passionate about connecting our customers to engage in conversations with our industry experts, the customers often gain context and first-hand experience through these conversations to create and find a solution. The resulting impact is tremendous.”

Peggy identified confidence, time and hard work as three ways to hack creativity. Confidence to engage in meaningful conversations, network, try new things and to risk failure, overtime the risk is worth the creative reward. Time, creativity takes time to brew, unconsciously the best ideas often come at odd times, patience is key creativity in business. Work, approaching things, reacting to new circumstances, proclivity to look at things in different ways, willingness to engage, think deep, question, experiment, and taking chances are crucial to harnessing creativity.

“Finding better ways to connect and exchange ideas, thoughts, insights, opinions and experience is imperative. Let’s not be limited by the time we have, let’s hack creativity with conversations.”