Meet YaoYang Sim, a VP of Client Solutions

Why did you choose to join a start-up?

“The opportunity to mingle with colleagues across departments and learn new things was incredibly appealing. In addition, getting hands-on experience across all aspects of the business such as operations, finance, and sales helped further my professional development. And perhaps, most importantly, working in startups like Lynk you learn effective crisis control management.”

What is the most fulfilling part of your role?

“Seeing how the team grows and my mentees eventually become mentors themselves. Speaking with senior industry professionals on a day to day basis and learning about how different sectors functions. Opening the newspaper one day, and seeing that you played a small part in a multimillion dollar deal.”

How do you define expertise?

“I believe expertise is something that requires many years of on-the-ground experience to develop. It can both in terms of knowledge or technical skill sets. Think about it: Would you consider someone with 2-3 years of experience in the F&B sector as an expert in his field? I reckon you will need 10-15 years of experience here to qualify”

Where do you see Lynk in 5 years?

“To be the number 1 go to platform for primary research information when you have any knowledge gaps. Lynk should be used by business owners, investors, consultants, academics and even ordinary folks like you & me. Similar to how we currently use Google when we want to get information.”