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Lynk was founded in 2015 and has grown exponentially since, we currently have offices across the world in New York, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Lynk’s vision is to revolutionlize access to knowledge, enabling people seeking knowledge to be linked withKnowledge Partners in the required field.

Working with Lynk as an Knowledge Partner has some key benefits, firstly having an amplified influence on the community through boosting and strengthening credibility as a worldwide thought leader enabling a Knowledge Partner to nurture an industry’s reputation.

“The experience has been really enjoyable as I was able to share some of my expertise to the esteemed clients on this platform where the information is being used for various decision-making strategies.”

Raashid Ashraf Khan, Chief Executive Officer at Silver Composite Textile Mills Ltd

Mentoring is another key benefit, enablingKnowledge Partners to feel intrinsic satisfaction by using industry specific knowledge bases to mentor key participants.

“Lynk is one of the most perfect business matchmakers where business executives or investors can obtain shortcut consultancy through local Knowledge Partners in the business fields they are exploring.”

Vichai  Vongsilpavattana  Ph.D., Sales & Marketing Consultant

Finally, monetary compensation, enabling experts to gain attractive compensation for delivering on demand knowledge, global insights and advice.

“The project work that was needed was interesting and challenging and there was enough for it to be worth the effort. The compensation rates for the work were fair and the payments were made timely.”

Todd Tierney, Vice President – Head of Sourcing Engineering, The Clarks Companies

Lynk ensures to connect the right Knowledge Partner with the right client ensuring effective and appropriate sharing of knowledge, gaining the best outcome for both parties.

“They take the trouble to understand needs and match that to Knowledge Partners in the field. I am sure many companies looking to grow in this region will find working with Lynk to be useful and can provide them with their required professionalism to grow their knowledge and business here.”

Nabil Chinniah, Vice President Asia Pacific, Thouw Nutrition International

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