Meet John Fitzgerald, our Global Head of Enterprise Sales

Why did you decide to join a start-up?

“This is actually my fourth startup.  I really enjoy early stage companies because they offer the opportunity for rapid growth and team building.  I think my core strengths lie in the transition of businesses from early stage, early adopter mode to structured organizations in accelerated growth mode. “

What is the most fulfilling part of your role?

“I really enjoy both the strategic creation of organizations, value propositions and go to market strategies, and the tactical elements of executing each of these.  I am very energized by team building and love to watch people mature into high performing experts in their field.”

How do you define expertise?

“I think knowledge expertise is defined by a person’s depth of understanding in a particular subject and the ability to communicate these concepts in both depth and breadth in a way that benefits others.”

Where do you see Lynk in 5 years?

“Accelerating through our goals and changing the rules for knowledge sharing.”

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