Decision Making in an Ever-Complex Society

How to avoid clutter and find the quick, intelligent solution you need.

It’s no secret that we live in a perpetually busy society, particularly in the corporate world. From hiring employees, picking a business plan, or choosing companies in which to invest, everyday decisions pile up until we choose to address them. Such decisions can hold a significant impact in the long term. How do we confidently tackle them in a vocal, yet information-cluttered society?

We at Lynk want to share a few of our favorite tips to simplify the decision-making process.

1) The Devil is in the Details

Picture a stereotypical businessperson. Do they believe in luck?

The business realm is teeming with hard-working, do-it-yourself perfectionists. We methodically mull over details until we reach a perfect solution. It’s these details — some irrelevant, misleading — that derail us from our main goal. Next time you consider a list of potential options, make sure each one passes a simple test. Does the idea push your company closer to its primary goal? This goal should be written in oversized letters at the top of any brainstorming page. It’s your lifesaver. Let it go and you may find yourself drowning in unnecessary details.

2) Pacing and Pausing

When confronting a big decision, you should address it in a quick, timely manner. You should also leave yourself some breathing space. Finding the right balance proves challenging in a modern world where information is abundant, yet equally distracting. So let’s make it simple. Trust your gut. Don’t leave it unchecked.

When you first face a decision, start by jotting down your raw reaction to it. This will give you a firm launching point before you delve into empirical information. It can also serve as a catalyst for the brainstorming process. While navigating through a variety of resources can seem intimidating, writing down your initial thoughts takes little effort. If following research supports your gut, confidence in your choice will increase. If not, you still started the thinking process in a quick and simple manner.

3) Effective vs Abundant Information

I’m sure you’ve heard the old phrase: work smarter, not harder. If you know the right places to look, we at Lynk believe you can find, with ease, quality information essential for your decision. That’s why we launched our own knowledge sharing platform working to help people with time-sensitive, and business-critical questions benefit from the experience of a community of 50,000+ curated Knowledge Partners.

At Lynk, we offer curated advice specific to your needs. We can connect you with a Knowledge Partner from any field in only 24-48 hours. Once a consultation is organised, you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge that only your Knowledge Partner can deliver.

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