Case Study: Clothing

The Client’s Situation and Brief

A men’s shirt company recently extended its reach into the Hong Kong high-end clothing market.

However, results fell short of projected profit margins and the advertising branch wants to counter with a new ad campaign.

Key Questions

  • How effective is Hong Kong’s digital advertising market in reaching older, wealthy communities?
  • How can the company rebrand its merchandise to bring high yields from expats vs locals?
  • What is an expert’s strategic opinion on undercutting the price of current industry leaders, whilst promoting exclusivity?

The Outcome

Lynk connected the client with a retired executive who spent thirty years in the marketing department of a top Hong Kong clothing franchize.

The retired executive provided strategic advice to the company for a period of three months with comprehensive insight into advertising platforms and image. The clothing company successfully launched their ad campaign and found a unique niche segment to target as foundational support for their new products.

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