Preparing for Your Next Consultation

How to Get the Most Out of Your Knowledge Partner

At Lynk, we connect our world-class clients with leading Knowledge Partners in a variety of fields to give them greater access to insights and advice.

Coming in with the right information is an essential step towards maximizing time with your Knowledge Partner. To help out, we have compiled some tips for ensuring a productive consultation.

1) Conduct Background Research

When you first request a consultation, we ask for information on your project to match you with the best suited Knowledge Partner. While this is sufficient for an effective meeting, conducting additional background research can increase productivity. A thorough understanding of your Knowledge Partner’s work will allow you to draft questions based on their expertise. We are glad to provide aid with this process. Furthermore, your company can use such information to construct a detailed plan on how to best utilize your Knowledge Partner before entering the meeting.

2) Recognize the Different Forms of Consultations

In addition to traditional consultations, Lynk can provide you with a Knowledge Partner for webinars, on-site engagements, speaking events, and more.  Firms can also conduct enterprise level surveys on topics such as market trends and brand image by using Lynk’s Knowledge Partners as the sample. Several firms have even hired a Knowledge Partner after collaborating with them. The possibilities are endless if you get involved.

3) Request Additional Time

Time spent with your Knowledge Partner isn’t limited to one meeting. Lynk will happily set up longer and additional consultations. Furthermore, we can arrange to get your Knowledge Partner involved with a project for an extended period of time. Due to our flexibility, many of our clients return to us for continued access to a greater wealth of knowledge. If you haven’t joined already, you can sign up as a Knowledge Partner or client today.

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