Case Study: Dutch Electricity

The Client’s Situation and Brief

A Dutch electric company hopes to assess the growth opportunities and risks of investing in solar power, before deciding how much funding to allocate towards a long-term sustainability strategy.

Key Questions

  • How will the trending shifts of solar panel production, from China to Vietnam, affect the market price of solar panels in 2018?
  • Will continued projects utilizing wind farms deter potential investors from supporting a long-term solar plan?
  • How will the end of net metering in 2023 affect rising consumer trends in The Netherland’s solar panel industry?

The Outcome

Lynk connected the Dutch electric company with a local consultant who specializes in environmental markets.

The Knowledge Partner provided valuable statistics regarding expected production and consumer trends over a 10-year period and continued to work with the company for 3-months to help construct a specific budget plan.

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