Lynk’s Weekly Round Up

Supersonic Jetliners Attract Interest from Japan, UK

A decade after the only long-running supersonic jetliner, the Concorde, retired its course, Japan Airlines has showed renewed interest in the technology. The company recently purchased 20 aircrafts from Colorado startup Boom Technology, which aims to reduce flight time from New York to London by 50%. Boom has also been collaborating with UK company Virgin Galactic to usher in a new generation of supersonic plane travel.

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5G Wireless Technology Makes World Debut at PyeongChang Olympics

5G is being used at this year’s Olympics to display live 360-degree images of figure-skating, power self-driving shuttle buses, and enable fast-acting systems that spray gas to scare off pests. 5G has the potential to be a 100 times faster than 4G, making it vital for advanced technology such as self-driving cars. It has the potential to up to 1 billion people by 2023.

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Hong Kong Snaps Tokyo’s 10-Year Streak as APAC’s Largest Commercial Real Estate Market

The Hong Kong commercial property market hit an all time high of US$ 20.9 million in sales, surpassing Tokyo as the largest commercial real estate market in the Asia-Pacific region. Sales of development sites are also up 78% at US$ 21.4 billion. The boost can be attributed to land scarcity and strong capital infusion from Mainland China.

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