Case Study: School Supplies

The Client’s Situation and Brief

A mid-size US school supply producer was looking to launch several new brands of recycled paper that would qualify the company for environmental tax-subsidies. However, the product would increase production costs, which could have a direct effect on price and sales.

The company’s research branch prepared a survey to gain a better understanding of industry trends towards eco-friendly products and current brand-perception of its own products.

The Outcome

Lynk distributed the survey to experts randomly selected from a breadth of relevant fields. The results suggested that growing consumer interest in eco-friendly paper is not yet enough to offset increased production costs for a smaller company. The majority of Knowledge Partners also agreed that brand-perception of the company is already positive in terms of environmental support compared to some of its larger competitors.

The company invested more money into the production of its regular paper brands and saw a healthy increase in Q4 sales.

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