Lynk’s Weekly Round Up

US$6 Billion Sydney Waterfront Development Project To Be Completed by 2024

Developers believe the new neighborhood, Barangaroo, could draw twice as many tourists as the Sydney Opera House and take over as the city’s central business district. After 6 years of construction, it has found initial success with 50 bars and restaurants, a wharf, and 3 skyscrapers. The area will also include a number of cultural events and casual hangout spaces to entice public interest, and programs referencing the area’s past history.

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QR Codes Dominate Payments in China

Mobile payment transactions in the country are estimated to reach a volume of US$47 trillion by 2019. QR codes allow for quick payments across all walks of life, from bills and vending machines to street vendors. QR codes on door plates can even provide information about the nearest police station, while high-speed trains utilize them as a method of ordering food from your seat.

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Hong Kong Co-Working Spaces Look to Expand Further

Competing against the traditional office operators, these buildings saw large office demand last year with a combined total of 340,000 square feet leased. Kowloon will likely be an enticing destination due to its lack of traditional offices coupled with rising real-estate prices that a flexible work-space model can counter. Currently, 202 co-working spaces are located in Hong Kong, hosting a range of companies from startups to sections of HSBC.

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