Perks of Joining the Lynk Network

Why You Should Join and Share Your Expertise

Considered joining Lynk? When we designed our innovative knowledge sharing platform, we put expertise at the core. Learn how you can benefit by becoming a champion of knowledge in your community, sharing valuable first-hand experiences and insights.

Expand Your Reputation

With extensive experience, you have likely built an impressive reputation in your field. While those in your industry can identify you, companies from other backgrounds may lack the inside knowledge of who to contact. That’s where Lynk comes in. We connect companies to the most relevant expertise. Through our platform, you will broaden your network in relevant directions and construct a multifaceted reputation. We also offer opportunities for you to get involved in our video series and newsletter to further your reach.

Gain Access to Unique Opportunities

Joining Lynk will introduce you to a wide scope of unforeseen opportunities. As part of our extensive network system, you will gain exposure to a breadth of talented clients. A project can emerge as a one-time meeting, or continuous consultations spanning over a year. In addition to consultations, you can be recruited for networking, media, and speaking events.

Do What You Love — In Your Own Time

Providing flexibility remains one of our most central goals for supporting those in the Lynk Network. At Lynk, we understand that you are inputting time to get involved. Therefore, we ensure consultations occur on your own schedule. A number of people in our network choose Lynk because they love their work and want to do more with it. Our platform provides an easy way for you to share your talent. If you are retired, it can also provide you with a fitting way to keep engaging your passions without feeling overloaded.

Empower Others  

Our company’s founding mission is to democratize access to knowledge. We believe in empowering others to achieve their best and move the chains of society forward. Getting involved in Lynk will allow you to join a greater movement to help spread information that is not simply ‘google-able’ so we can better aid those who seek knowledge, opportunity, and progress.

Monetary Compensation

With respect towards your time and devotion, we will also compensate you for each consultation you facilitate. Principles of work and fairness are important to our company’s culture. If you would like to learn more, visit and see how you can get involved today.

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