Case Study: Bruges Family Law

The Client’s Situation and Brief

A family-run law firm in Bruges specializes in estate planning but is considering opening a new branch for family and inheritance law. The firm needs to design a strategy to capture a share of the field without sacrificing the quality of its main operations.

Key Questions

  • What are the popular methods for finding an attorney in Bruges (i.e. family lawyer, redirected through friends, internet, advertisements, etc)?
  • What are the main influencers behind the high divorce rate, 70%, of Belgium? Will this statistic continue growing long term or peak?
  • Is there any correlation between divorce rates and class?
  • What experience and qualities are citizens in Bruges looking for in a divorce attorney?

The Outcome

Lynk connected the company with the retired head of a Belgium law firm that specializes in both domestic and international divorce law.

The retiree provided an analyzed report on divorce trends in Bruges and directed the company to past studies regarding public opinion on law companies. The company postponed the launch of its branch to conduct a thorough study of related data. Since its opening, the branch has achieved steady gains in profit.

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