Case Study: Confectionery Industry

The Client’s Situation and Brief

An American confectionery retailer is considering expanding into Europe. However, they need to become more aware of any legal regulation and trading standards enforced by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Additionally, they would like to assess where their new offices should be located in order to maximize the new benefits this expansion will bring.

Key Questions

  • What are the specific laws and regulations around packaging? How can we abide by these new rules in a cost-effective way?
  • Who is the best vendor to source new legal preservatives and sweeteners across Europe?
  • Should we import products that fit the new regulations or simply produce them locally?
  • Are there any specific consumer trends we should be aware of when producing specific products made for the European market?

The Outcome

Lynk connected the American confectionery retailer with an ex British Food Standards Agency employee.

The ex-employee discussed growing business hubs and promoted the retailer to focus more on the UK and Italy. She also provided insights into European consumer trends, informing the client there was a 5% increase in confectionery consumption within England and Scotland alone over the past 12 months.

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