Case Study: Blockchain

The Client’s Situation and Brief

A supply chain executive has show interest in a Knowledge Partner who specializes in blockchain technology as a way to try and improve workflow. Their queries include how blockchain can be used to increase transparency as well as boost accountability.

Key Question

  • How long will this potential integration take?
  • Are there any potential long term issues we should be aware of?
  • Will our staff need any training? If so how long will this take?
  • Are there any financial benefits to this new technology?

The Outcome

Lynk connected the client with an independent blockchain consultant.

This specialist answered a number of our client’s questions over a short phone consultation. This included how blockchain would be a significant financial boost thanks to a reduction in paper and ink costs. He also refers to the ease at which products can be tracked using blockchain, reducing the chance of misplaced goods and increasing overall accountability

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