The Key to Execution

It’s easy to become carried away when delivering projects with speed and punctuality. But at what point do you sacrifice quality and harm the overall execution?

We at Lynk believe that moving slow to go fast is key to effective project execution. Ensuring every part of the process is technically sound, will put you in a much more secure position in the future.   

Firstly it’s important that you define a specific set of objectives and measurables. A well executed project delivers or exceeds its pre-set goals and targets. Seems easy right?

The challenge here is making these targets achievable in the specific timeline and with the allocated budget. Set too lofty targets with unrealistic expectations and you could have the opposite effect, potentially demotivating your team. By all means have high standards, however, it’s imperative that your team can achieve them.

It’s also equally important that you cover your bases and plan for all possible scenarios. Every project manager dreams of a smoothly run project, with no unexpected changes or nasty surprises. Yet anyone who has ever managed a project will tell you the same thing…this doesn’t happen.

You can almost guarantee that any number of problems will occur at some point. As a project manager, it’s your duty to reduce the amount of hiccups to as minimal possible. This could mean using a Knowledge Network such as Lynk to gain access to specific industry knowhow, or having numerous contingency plans for when things inevitably change. Being aware of this reality is the first step to finding a solution.

Having a clear understanding of how your team is doing is paramount when it comes to keeping on the path to success. Rather than micromanaging your team, instead establish catch-up meetings. Consider starting short daily roundups with each team member, or weekly team updates to make sure everyone is on the same page. Doing this will make it much easier for everyone to aim towards the same unified goal.

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