Lynk’s Weekly Round Up

New Credit Card for Small Businesses is being developed by Amazon

Amazon are making moves into the financial services industry, introducing a credit card targeted towards small businesses owners. Offering a credit system where companies earn reward points based on purchases and may result in business insurance further down the road according to a Bloomberg report. While they have no intention of becoming a bank, rumors are circling that Amazon plans to partner with JPMorgan Chase who already work on ‘Amazon Pay’.

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Advances in technology results in a new ‘6th Sense’ for prosthetic limbs

Huge strides in technological advances have improved the quality of prosthetic limbs to a level we have never seen. Now, thanks to these improvements, prosthetics are beginning to have what’s known as a “sixth sense”. Specific improvements in motorized prostheses have brought with it notable developments in restoring complete dexterous movement, as well as having kinaesthetic feedback. This allows the individual complete spatial awareness of the limb at all times, something that couldn’t have happened previously.

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The real ‘Superfood’ of the Himalayan Moringa Tree

The whole world appears to be on a never ending health kick, yet in the Himalayas, they have a tree that may actually be considered a true ‘superfood’. It’s called the Moringa tree. Native to the area its various uses and properties are staggering. In no particular order; it is drought tolerant, susceptible to rapid growth, the seeds help purify water, and the leaves act as bio-fertilizer which are also extremely nutritious. In other words, this tree has a plethora of uses. Super doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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