Case Study: Mid-sized Bank

Client Situation and Brief

A Global Management Consultancy firm submitted a request for a specialist Knowledge Partner to support an ongoing project around transforming a Mid-sized Bank’s operations. All while abiding by laws and regulations regarding outside consultations in target companies.

Key Questions

  • What are the intricacies of best practice across multiple banking services?
  • To what are extent, are new products focusing on mobile banking?
  • How do we maintain a standardized infrastructure and organizational structure?

The Outcome

Lynk leveraged our referral team to tap into recent former employees of target companies. Thanks to our experience in niche research strategies, we identified differentiated experts validated their relevance within 24 hours. The client received advice during a phone consultation about how to maintain their company culture and infrastructure, whilst keeping in line with industry best practices. Additionally, they discussed the importance of mobile banking in the foreseeable future, and how to implement this into their business plans.

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