Useful Tools for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, it’s always a good thing when you find a new way to improve your effectiveness and enhance your business’ productivity. Be it downloading a new app, or using a website you have never come across before, it’s never a bad thing to embrace new ways you can help your business and employees. Here is a short guide highlighting some useful tools that can make a big difference.


This is a great tool to help your organization on all fronts. Trello’s use of boards, lists and cards enable an easy to grasp, visual presentation of your responsibilities, timeframes, and tasks. Oh also its basic version is free, so that’s a plus too!


Slack is a popular tool which helps employees communicate. It effectively allows employees to directly message each other, set up team channels with ease, video call, and screen share. Furthermore, Slack can be integrated into many different outside tools including Trello.


For many young entrepreneurs, expertise is something that is often hard to come by. Lynk is a  Knowledge Network that specializes in connecting you to industry leaders and experienced professionals. Known as Knowledge Partners, these individuals can give advice and guidance through consultations ranging from phone calls, to in person meetings, to longer term collaborations. You can get started here.


If you procrastinate a lot then you might as well make it productive. Medium has a huge selection of inspirational pieces, interesting podcasts, and intriguing articles from notable bloggers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, and James Altucher. You can also host your own company blog here, or share your own articles as a contributing blogger.


MailChimp is extremely useful for setting up an managing email campaigns. You can design templates, import email lists, utilize A/B testing and automate campaigns based on data triggers. Additionally, MailChimp has handy beginner guides, helping you to get a quick grasp of the platform.