Case Study: Toy Factory

Client Situation and Brief

A major toy manufacturer is looking into moving their main factory to Jakarta as the base of operations. They have requested a Knowledge Partner to take part in recurring consultations and on-site engagements to ensure the new factory meets industry standards.

Key Questions

  • What are the employees legal rights and how do we adhere to them efficiently?
  • What are the regulations about the machinery we can use in Jakarta?
  • Where is the best location to base the new factory?
  • What should we be prioritizing in our new budget?

The Outcome

Lynk set up a series of phone consultations, as well as organized an in-person meeting. During these engagements, the Knowledge Partner helped the client identify the appropriate machinery and location for the proposed factory. Additionally, the Knowledge Partner ensured that all standards were met during a personal inspection of the new factory, prior to opening.

Furthermore, after the series of engagements were completed, the Knowledge Partner joined their board of advisors.

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