Case Study: Electronic Surveillance

Client Brief and Situation

An international retail company would like to discuss the installation and adoption of a state of the art electronic surveillance system for their new flagship store in New York. The client would like assistance in implementing this new system and require long term commitment to help keep the product up to date and in working condition.

Key Questions

  • What are the contract specifications? Would there be a long term contract commitment, pay as you go or simply one off payments?
  • How reliable is this surveillance equipment?
  • Will there be any training provided with the installation costs?
  • Will the Knowledge Partner or security company be willing to act as an expert witness in the case of a trial?


Lynk liaised with the Knowledge Partner, setting up a phone consultation for the client. This resulted in assurance that sufficient training would be provided with the installation of the new product. Additionally, the Knowledge Partner agreed to act as an expert witness in the event of a trial where the electronic surveillance system provides evidence.

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