Case Study: Digital Healthcare

Client Brief and Situation

A blue chip consulting firm required a Knowledge Partner to provide expertise and advice on the topic of digital healthcare. They requested insights on other competitors in the space, potential revenue models, and the customer lifecycle.

Key Questions

  • Who are the notable competitors in the digital healthcare space?
  • What are the best choices for revenue models for new businesses?
  • What are the main customer issues with the industry in its current state?
  • What are the top areas most relevant for patients?


Lynk quickly turned around this request delivering a Knowledge Partner with an intricate knowledge of the industry with over 15 years as a part of it. Their insights shone a light on potential competitors and the current relevant areas for patients. This Knowledge Partner also advised the client on customer issues and potential revenue models. Additionally, Lynk provided the client with a digital consultant to provide insights on digitization, giving the client a more encompassing overview of the industry. 

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