How to Maximise Your Consultation

You have spoken to a member of Lynk’s Client Solutions team. You shared your requirements when detailing exactly what type of Knowledge Partner you need and a deadline for this professional expertise. As usual, they have promptly responded with a Knowledge Partner that perfectly matched your requirements.

But how do you get the most out of your time together?

Prepare prepare prepare

We have touched on the importance of preparation for consultations before, but it’s arguably the most important element. Please have a list of questions you want answering before undertaking a consultation with one of our Knowledge Partners. Without the appropriate preparation, it’s a lot more likely you will leave your consultation feeling like you missed something.

Be open to new ideas and answers you may not expect

It is not uncommon for clients to enter Lynk business consultations with a predetermined opinion on what the facts are. The Knowledge Partner may provide you with answers you expect, however, sometimes this isn’t the case. Often consultations can bring up differences in opinion or bring to light a theory that hasn’t been brought up as of yet.

Use your time efficiently

While it is easy to get carried away in the intricacies of subjects unfamiliar to you, it’s important that you remain aware of your time. If not, you may find yourself forced to rush some of the questions, reducing the depth of answers. This, in turn, reduces the overall usefulness of the consultation as a whole. Don’t worry if you feel like you have forgotten to note down something, we provide full transcripts for every consultation.

Trust them

Lynk Knowledge Partners are experienced professionals with a wealth of experience.  Moreover, the Lynk team ensures that the Knowledge Partner is suited to that specific project. Our team carries out background checks and vets each candidate to ensure their legitimacy.

If worst comes to worst, talk to your Lynk representative  

Although it is rare, unfortunately sometimes clients are left feeling unsatisfied with the applicability of the Knowledge Partner expertise. In the rare occasion that this happens, we ensure that our team goes out of their way to provide another more relevant Knowledge Partner as soon as possible. We make sure we maintain an open dialogue will all our clients to solve problems such as these.

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