Horacio Fernandez: Marketing Intern

Lynk has the characteristic energy of a startup and the presence of a global corporation. The Lynk team has managed to create a fast-paced performance oriented environment that does not leave out the fun every professional desire. Granted, the work was demanding, but in a good way!

As an MBA student, my priority was to intern in a company which allowed me to prove myself through impactful work, while using the skills and knowledge I was acquiring from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Lynk, and specifically the marketing team, enabled me to do just that.

During the three-month internship, I delivered three different projects in which I had to learn how to show quick results. Coming from a corporate background, I was used to a slow pace where projects could take months to deliver, whereas at Lynk, everyone has the attitude to move fast without unnecessary obstacles.

“This was one of the most enjoyable environments I have had the opportunity to work in.”

Additionally, the team helped me learn key marketing functions and strategy. Both my colleagues were always helpful and supportive, even with the freedom to mostly lead my own work. The same is true for all of Lynk. Every single person I worked with or talked to in this company has the same great helpful and energetic attitude that enhances the experience. Additionally, it was very insightful to work with such a diverse group of people, mostly young, from all around the world.

The work was challenging, especially since the team relied on me to deliver on time and with quality results, while supported, it was really dependant on me to do my work.

“While I had three major deliverables, my day-to-day responsibilities were quite dynamic, one day I was working on market research, the next we had a film crew come and the next we were planning a promotional campaign for India.”

I also valued the fact that I had to learn and do quite a bit of self-studying.  In one assignment to generate the complete SEO strategy, first I had to learn about it, doing several courses before even defining anything. I feel proud of the final result of that work and cherish what I learned doing it. As a growing start-up, it is exciting to see small victories rack up to something bigger. I truly felt that the work I did had a direct impact on the business. Every catch-up meeting became something I looked forward since I felt proud of where we were going.

“To sum it up, my experience at Lynk was meaningful and gratifying.”


Though the work was intense, I appreciate the rewarding feeling of finishing important jobs that I am sure will have a lasting impact on the future of the company. I’m going to miss working here, and wish I could continue, but unfortunately life has other plans for me.

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