Three Things About Knowledge Networks That You May Not be Aware of

Although the industry has benefitted somewhat from media coverage over the past decade, there are still plenty of unfamiliarities surrounding the Knowledge Network industry and the services we can provide.

While undoubtedly useful, questions are still being asked about what Knowledge Networks such as Lynk actually do. This article looks to enlighten readers about what Lynk and other Knowledge Networks are fully capable of doing and achieving.

  • Throughout all of our consultations, we ensure that both sides are satisfied with the requisite compliance requirements. We have a dedicated compliance team who ensures that our associates and principles are fully aware of the compliance guidelines and regulations. Once business consultations are scheduled, we aim to ensure that there are no breaches of confidentiality and avoid any kind of fraudulent activity.


  • For many organizations, it seems like Knowledge Networks are a new industry. While to many this may be true, for the business community this is not the case. In fact, for over a decade, many consulting and investment firms have leveraged Knowledge Networks to give them a competitive edge with the professional expertise they provide. Moreover, with spending on research projected to continue growing, this popularity doesn’t look like slowing down.


  • It’s easy to assume that these networks operate inside their own specific geographical region. The truth is that a lot of these Knowledge Networks have offices around the world. For example, some may see Lynk as SEA focused. It’s true that we do have offices across this region including Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Singapore, but we also have offices around the world including the US. This allows us to build a network of Knowledge Partners ranging from Europe, America, South East Asia to even Africa ready to lend their expertise to our variety of global clients.

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