Case Study: Solar Energy

The Situation and Brief

Clients have requested professional expertise in the solar energy industry and the potential for distributed solar installations in the rubber and plastic industry. Consequently, they have requested business consultations with Knowledge Partners who have worked in rubber and plastic companies with involvement in the procurement of power.

Key Questions

  • How is electricity spending effectively budgeted for?
  • Are there any daily/monthly trends in electricity consumption? 
  • What is the typical rooftop availability for solar panels?
  • What is the current split between solar energy and energy from the grid?
  • What challenges could you face when deploying distributed solar units?

The Outcome

Lynk organized a series of business consultations to ensure that the clients gained a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Not only did the Knowledge Partners happily discuss the ongoing industry trends and issues, but also went into detail about obstacles to deployment as well as energy grid support.

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