Mistakes to Avoid in the Client Solutions Team

Being a part of our Client Solutions team may seem fairly straightforward. However small mistakes can result in you having a more difficult experience than initially thought. Here are a few things to try and avoid.

Being Unorganized

Connecting with clients and Knowledge Partners is imperative to your success within our Client Solutions team. Failing to do so may result in you being overwhelmed with projects, therefore try to avoid the following whenever possible:

  • not answering time sensitive emails,
  • prioritizing the wrong projects 
  • not speaking to clients on time.

Arriving  Late

This may seem obvious but poor organization can result in you being late to important meetings. Successful Client Solutions members prioritize the right things at the right time like ensure that they are prompt to the office, attending important meetings, and when setting up a business consultation.

Being  Rude

Clients appreciate when you give your all to try and solve their specific issues. This applies even if you aren’t successful. In many cases, this effort is acknowledged and appreciated, further developing your professional relationship. Things such as keeping an open line of honest and clear communication go a long way.

Not Asking For Help

When they first join our Client Solutions team many people have a vast amount of questions for their co-workers about the job, learning from each inquiry to quickly become more proficient in their role. While everyone has an ego, we advise that it’s best to learn from people that have been there and done it before.

Not Paying Attention

As a member of our Client Solutions team, you will have to maintain your focus to make sure you can find a Knowledge Partner to fit the often tricky client request. To best avoid this mistake ensure that you pay as much attention to the client request or the professional expertise of the Knowledge Partner you provide them.

Not Being Proactive

From answering emails to following up with clients or even recruiting specific Knowledge Partners, proactivity is a key asset that serves many of the Client Solutions team well. One of the best ways to avoid being unproductive and promote efficiency is structure. This can be simple things such as checking your emails when you arrive in the office to allocating your time to work at your most efficient! 

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