Case Study: Cryptocurrency Trading

Client Situation & Brief

Clients have requested Lynk Knowledge Partners to discuss cryptocurrency and the subsequent trading that has exploded as a result of the rise of this industry. During their business consultations, clients are looking to discuss the current market leaders in cryptocurrency trading, and the key success factors associated with it.

Key Questions

  • Who are the market leaders in the cryptocurrency trading market
  • What is bigger over the counter trading (OTC)or exchanging trading?
  • What is the size of the assets under management, trading volume and return rate for the past year
  • What are the key success factors for trading?

The Outcome

Drawing on the professional expertise of knowledge partners with experience in both cryptocurrency and trading, the client received insightful advice highlighting key areas of the industry. This included a breakdown of market leaders, analysis of OTC, and exchange trading. They also detailed the most important factors for success including technical factors and trading strategy.

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