Case Study: Private Schools

Client Situation & Brief

Clients have requested Knowledge Partners in the area of private schools in New York. Through a series of business consultations, they aim to understand private school market dynamic with an emphasis on the performance and demand for certain schools and institutions.

Key Questions

  • What is the average standard of the performance of private schools in New York?
  • Which schools have had the highest enrolment growth and for what reason?
  • Can they provide an understanding of mindset behind the parental preferences behind school choices?
  • Which nationalities have boosted growth within this segment?

The Outcome

Lynk efficiently provided a Knowledge Partners with significant professional experience in education management and teaching in the New York. During a one hour consultation, the Knowledge Partner gave a comprehensive overview of private schools detailing: enrolment growth, the standard of performance, and the impact of different nationalities on the school’s academic performance. Additionally, and most importantly, the Knowledge Partners went to great lengths to help the clients understand the history and culture behind parental preferences for education.

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