How does Lynk Act as a Facilitator?

At the core of every Knowledge Network lies a facilitator like Lynk that connects Knowledge Partners and those looking for guidance or professional expertise; to create a functioning network.

Unfortunately, there is room for potential confusion regarding what Lynk’s role as a network. The following will hopefully answer any queries about how Lynk facilitates the process of connecting all members of our network.

Establishing active communication

Knowledge Network leaders like Lynk take on the role of facilitators not just project managers. Without Lynk connecting clients to Knowledge Partners, an open line of communication between the two may have been difficult to establish. When clients require quick, industry-specific information, Lynk prevents any wasted time or miscommunication. Moreover, in the future, clients have the option of reconnecting with their partner or seeking a new candidate using our flexible, global network.

Measuring and creating growth

Facilitators in Knowledge Networks often measure growth by asking themselves if they are meeting the objectives of their members. For a majority, this would be to ensure easy and simple access to high quality professional insight. At Lynk we use information such as member surveys, network growth, and website analytics to always evaluate, and improve our effectiveness, ensuring the smoothest experience possible.

Structured discussion

Most clients are familiar with conducting online or in person market research. This can act as a useful method of sourcing knowledge, but it can be unmanageable. Alternatively, Lynk Knowledge Partners offer unparalleled personalized insight and acumen. Lynk facilitates a platform for structured discussion between both ends of our Knowledge Network. Ultimately, Lynk is democratizing the access to knowledge.

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