Evaluating a Knowledge Network

When you decide that you or your business could benefit from a Knowledge Network, the next decision is choosing which one to work alongside. The standards you base this choice on could make all the difference.

These are three important questions that one should ask when choosing a Knowledge Network:

How experienced are the specialists I’m being connected with?

An effective Knowledge Network connects you with a pool of professionals who possess a vast understanding of their industry. This level of insight doesn’t come without years of experience in a given field. Make sure that your Knowledge Network has relationships with experienced individuals so you can make the most of your consultation.

At Lynk, our Knowledge Partners are some of the most experienced individuals within their respective fields. From c-suite executives to specialists with decades of experience, these Knowledge Partners have directly impacted their industries as a result of their work. They have the professional expertise to answer your questions.

How successful has the Knowledge Network been in the past?

Like anything in life, you tend not to trust something if it does not have a reputation for success. The track record of any Knowledge Network demonstrates whether it is likely to be helpful to its members. It is important that networks are transparent with their potential clients, and show them how they have helped connect others in the past.

Through our Case Studies, we display how Lynk has helped countless clients connect with our Knowledge Partners, with a success rate of 98.9%. This transparency exhibits how we have delivered consistently to both our Knowledge Partners and our clients.

How well can the Network connect you to the correct person?

It doesn’t matter how big the pool of professionals is if you can’t be matched with the right one. Curation is the most important aspect of any Knowledge Network. If it fails to connect clients with a specialist who knows the answers to their questions, then it’s a waste of everyone’s time, money, and effort. Find a network that can curate efficiently and accurately.

Lynk differentiates itself from other Knowledge Networks by providing the best curation possible to produce the most valuable consultation. A qualified Client Solutions member evaluates the needs of each client and matches them with a Knowledge Partner that has experience with the specific questions the client wants answering. No client will be matched with a Knowledge Partner that doesn’t know how to help.

Choosing to use a Knowledge Network is a big decision. Lynk strives to meet and exceed every one of these criteria so that each business consultation is valuable.

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