Easy Mistakes to Avoid When Arranging a Consultation

At Lynk, we aim to help our clients with their ongoing projects and business decisions by connecting them to an experienced Lynk Knowledge Partner. While we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly organize a business consultation, sometimes we encounter situations where our ability to deliver is compromised. Here are a couple of helpful tips to ensure you experience the most effective interaction with Lynk possible.

Being Vague

When engaging with Lynk it’s vital you give us as much detail as possible when you send in a project request. In order to source the most appropriate Knowledge Partner, we require as much detail as possible. While requirements such as; minimum experience, location, and specific industry might seem obvious, the more detail you provide, the more likely it is that we can find the Knowledge Partner that is best for you!

Being Unresponsive

A significant hurdle to Lynk’s noteworthy productivity is unresponsiveness. The honest truth is that sometimes things get forgotten. People lose focus, new projects come in or their roles change. However, to ensure that both sides can optimize their time, it’s imperative that effective communication is maintained throughout. Letting us know if your project focus has changed, a Knowledge Partner isn’t a good fit or even if that you are ready for a business consultation enables the Lynk team to be aligned with these new priorities, thus allowing for a smoother experience.

Being Indecisive

For many projects time is of the essence. For example, it is not uncommon for the Lynk Client Solutions team to turn around a request in only 24 hours. However, hesitant decisions over the details of consultations can prove a serious block to efficiency. Situations such as indecisiveness over what professional expertise you deem acceptable for a business consultation, often drag out project times to unnecessary lengths.

Although obvious, these mistakes are easy to make. Avoiding these errors will ensure that you’re are at you’re most efficient and allows Lynk to work at its most productive.

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