Case Study: Property Market

Client Brief and Situation

Clients have requested professional expertise surrounding the property market in Singapore. During their business consultation, clients are aiming to gain insight on the situation of landlords and any obstacles they may face. Moreover, clients are looking to discuss the portion of local to foreign property owners.

Key Questions

  • Generally, what is the nationality of landlords in Singapore?
  • Are property developers the dominant demographic of landlords in Singapore? If not, who is?
  • How often do landlords have disputes with their tenants regarding issues of rent?
  • What are the non-rent related issues landlords may face from their tenants?

The Outcome

Lynk quickly organized a series of consultations with Knowledge Partners who have more than 15 years of experience in Singaporean real estate. The client received insight regarding current points of contention between landlords and tenants. Additionally, a full demographic breakdown of the population of landlords in Singapore was provided.

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