Shining a Spotlight on The Things Knowledge Networks Are Not

Knowledge Networks like Lynk have been increasing in number over the past decade, with new networks entering the market on a regular basis. Although this growth has been undeniable, for those yet to interact with the industry, it can be confusing to see the value they bring to the table. Therefore, we thought it would be worthwhile to further clarify what networks such as Lynk actually do on a daily basis.

We are not a freelancing platform

We source our Knowledge Partners to work on a case by case basis, similar to most freelancers. However, we are not a freelancing platform. Instead, we provide professional expertise and insights for clients on a case by case basis or at their specific request. Similarly, unlike freelancing platforms, where individuals have to market themselves, we ensure our Knowledge Partners are the best fit for the client before connecting both parties ensuring maximum satisfaction for both parties.

We are not a consulting firm

We work with a variety of blue-chip consulting firms as well as many premium investment firms, but Lynk itself doesn’t fall into that category. For years, Knowledge Networks have been providing consulting firms with curated knowledge for their projects that present unique issues and difficulties that they can’t solve alone.

We are not an education platform
We are a platform with the aim to democratize access to knowledge. While a lot of our business consultations can educate clients on topics they may have never come across before, it is not what we specialize in. Our consultations and services, such as webinars, help to solve intricate business problems and complex issues rather than solve scholarly debates or provide basic lessons.

We are not a recruitment firm

We can provide a variety of services including consultations, on-site visits, and surveys. It is not unheard of for clients and Knowledge Partners to continue their relationship after a consultation, and some even become business partners or co-workers. However, this is uncommon and not our primary function as a Knowledge Network.

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