Case Study: Infant Milk Formula

Client Brief and Situation

We have received projects seeking professional expertise from Knowledge Partners with experience in South East Asia’s Infant Milk Formula Market. During the business consultation, they would like an overview of the performance of the Infant Milk Formula market as well as future predictions for the growth of the sector.

Key Questions

  • Which countries’ Infant Milk Formula market will demonstrate the greatest growth in the coming years?
  • How much has the region’s market for Infant Milk Formula grown since 2010?
  • Are there incoming policies that will affect the demand for Infant Milk Formula in South East Asia?
  • How do you envision the price of Infant Milk Formula to change over the next 5 years?

The Outcome

Lynk sourced multiple Knowledge Partners who provided insight regarding past, current and future trends in Infant Milk Formula production. Each Knowledge Partner has extensive experience in the South East Asian retail industry. Clients received deep sector analysis as well as an outline of the challenges that the largest players in the Infant Milk Formula industry will have to navigate in the near future.

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