How Lynk Developed My Growth as a Professional

My time at Lynk has been the most rewarding of my career. Never have I worked alongside such a passionate and diverse group of people so uniformly focused on one goal: democratizing the world’s knowledge. This challenging experience pushed me to grow, adapt, and develop valuable professional skills integral to my future.

As an American born and raised in rural Ohio, traveling to Hong Kong for an internship could not have taken me out of my comfort zone more; but that is exactly what I wanted. I entered this internship with the intention of gaining as great a global perspective as possible. At Lynk, I worked in an office of 60 people, with over a dozen nationalities represented from all continents of the world. I recall sitting down at a meeting and collaborating with individuals from Peru, France, China, India, and England. All of us working together towards a shared goal. No environment could have taught me more about the value of diversity.

While experience with diversity was something I was eager for, Lynk provided plenty of opportunities to push my boundaries in other areas. The fast-paced, quality-driven setting forced me to deliver work that not only met high standards but did so promptly. I was given three major tasks when I joined Lynk: Improve the use of the Google Analytics account, develop and implement an AdWords campaign, and provide marketing content through written Opinion and Insight pieces.

If my time as a Marketing student at Miami University has taught me anything, it was learn first, act later. I spent the whole first week researching as much as possible about the Google platforms prior to developing strategies. After collaborating with my marketing team to construct a plan, I was able to apply my suggestions.

I established goals through Google Analytics to measure relevant conversions for both the company blog and corporate website, allowing us to find problem areas for our users. From scratch, I developed a budgeted AdWords campaign that quadrupled user traffic to the blog, while minimizing costs. Through collaboration with my colleagues and Lynk Knowledge Partners, I wrote Opinion and Insight pieces featured on both the Lynk Blog and monthly Newsletter. All of these tasks pushed me to learn quickly, think creatively, operate analytically, and produce quality results. I truly feel that the work I completed will have a positive impact on the Company’s future.

I came during an exciting time at Lynk. The company was making the transition from Start-up to Scale-up. Every person was operating on the philosophy “what got us here, won’t get us there.” This ideology stressed how each individual could make changes in their day-to-day activities to better benefit the company. Through this company-wide effort, I observed how every team member is essential to the final product; something I will continue to carry with me.

My time at Lynk will show dividends for the rest of my career, culminating in both extrinsic and intrinsic takeaways. Extrinsic, in that, I was able to vastly expand my skills as a Marketer and Analyst through meaningful work. Intrinsic, in that, I was able to grow as a person by working alongside great people with a shared passion.

Lynk is a global knowledge network with a vision to democratize access to knowledge through connecting clients to Knowledge Partners with professional expertise, provided through business consultations.

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