Case Study: Home Renovation

Client Brief

Clients have requested to set up a business consultation with Knowledge Partners that have a background in the Asian home renovation market. The clients would like to speak with real estate developers and market research firms. Insight into the importance of home renovation in Asia was considered paramount.

Key Questions

  • What percentage of units are sold fully furnished, partially furnished and not furnished at all?
  • How many buyers renovate their homes within five years of purchase?
  • Is renovation more likely with buyers who live in their homes or those who rent to tenants?
  • Generally, what percentage of property value do buyers spend on home improvement?

The Outcome

Working within a 24 hour time constraint Lynk provided ample Knowledge Partners that fit our clients’ criteria. Clients received professional expertise that provided answers to all key questions giving them a deeper understanding of home renovation trends in Asia. Additionally, Knowledge Partners provided insight regarding home renovation markets in specific countries in Southeast Asia in greater detail.

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