Case Study: Wireless Headphones

Client Brief

Clients are seeking Knowledge Partners able to share professional expertise regarding the production and marketing of wireless headphones in the European Union (EU). During business consultations, clients would like to understand the future trends of the market as well as what type of marketing is most effective.

Key Questions

  • Can you outline the “customer journey” or the overall process that a customer goes through to buy a pair of headphones in the EU?
  • What type of marketing content is usually employed?
  • What are the most relevant type of marketing channels and what is the primary audience?
  • Where do you see the market being in the next five years?

The Outcome

As clients wanted to conduct interviews within seven days, Lynk sourced appropriate Knowledge Partners within 48 hours. Multiple Knowledge Partners, all with extensive experience in headphone production and marketing were provided. Clients provided extensive insight on how key manufacturers were performing. Moreover, the success of their marketing campaigns was also discussed.

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