What You Can Accomplish At Lynk

Between June and August 2018, I spent 10 weeks as a marketing intern at Lynk. Working at a rapidly expanding company presented both a learning curve and its own set of challenges. My time at Lynk has provided me with an invaluable and hugely rewarding experience as I developed new skill sets, met new people, and gained insight into how a highly successful startup operates.

Before arriving at Lynk, I had expectations of a fast-paced startup environment, as a whole this was accurate, but regardless of this, everyone from the executive team to fellow interns were truly welcoming. As a recent Economics graduate, I was not sure how well I would integrate into a marketing role. However, I found that this worry quickly vanished as the rest of my team helped me familiarize myself with the role and were quick to offer help and guidance.

Immediately, I was entrusted with multiple responsibilities ranging from sourcing two articles per week on trending business technology to developing a LinkedIn advertising campaign. This along with writing opinion pieces revolving around aspects of Lynk’s business were the most challenging tasks I had.  

What surprised me was the freedom I was given to develop my project. I was given guidelines with a general direction to follow but the ideation and execution of the LinkedIn campaign was completely up to me. The aspect of freedom was something I enjoyed greatly. This campaign proved to be the most challenging as it required significant research and understanding of how LinkedIn as a platform operated. Additionally, after multiple tweaks, I managed to successfully pitch the project to our CEO. During the process, I learned about the value of adaptability at a place like Lynk, as many times when I had thought the project was ready to be launched my coworkers had pointed out areas which could be improved upon for better results. This demonstrated the culture of striving for constant improvement that’s present at Lynk.

Although I enjoyed independence, I was still expected to remain productive by meeting deadlines. The same was expected from everyone Lynk. Lynk is undergoing a period of transformation away from a startup to a truly global knowledge network, however, it is still small enough that everyone’s contribution can directly affect how Lynk performs. This means that producing results is essential.

Moreover, writing opinion piece content for Lynk’s blog meant that I could demonstrate my creativity and express the views I have about the latest trends in Knowledge Networks. This proved to be an important task as it required that I have a deeper understanding of Lynk’s business model and how Knowledge Networks operate as a whole.

Along with developing new skills that will be important to my later career what I found extremely rewarding was working alongside highly motivated people who were determined to grow Lynk as a company. An open office where departments are constantly collaborating with each other on separate projects highlighted the climate of teamwork that exists here. Frequently, there would be joint meetings with individuals from the tech team, client solutions or human resources, more often than not this isn’t the case at other companies and I believe that’s really what makes Lynk special.

The time I spent at Lynk was the most gratifying of my career so far. I was welcomed and felt like I was a part of the Lynk mission and family. The opportunity to play a role in the growth of a dynamic company like Lynk is something I will take away as a very valuable experience.

Lynk is a global knowledge network with a vision to democratize access to knowledge through connecting clients to Knowledge Partners with professional expertise, provided through business consultations.

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