Sustainability and Sourcing in Pigment Production

with Dr. Helmut Henneberger – Global Procurement Manager – Clariant International AG (retired)

An in-depth analysis of the factors that determine the sustainability, maximize the efficiency, and drive the success of pigment production. Helmut will focus on the factors that go into the responsible sourcing of raw materials, the market forces at play, and the supply chain governing availability, growth, and production of pigments internationally. He will also highlight the sustainability initiatives that are encouraging the use of renewable raw materials instead of chemically synthesized products.

About the Speaker

Dr. Helmut Henneberger, former Global Procurement Manager for Clariant International AG has over 25 years experience in Fine Chemicals International Procurement and Product Management. He led the sourcing of polymer additives and organic pigments that drove the development and implementation of the Global Category Sourcing Strategy for Clariant. His other areas of expertise include Supply Chain optimization, Sustainability in Procurement, Low Cost Country Sourcing, and managing the life cycle of new products from ideation to scaling processes and production.

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