Semiconductors – Market Forecast of a $400 Billion Industry

With Jim Handy – Founder and General Director, Objective Analysis

The semiconductor industry has undergone tremendous growth over the past two years to well over $400 billion in revenues. Can this level of growth last? Will there never be another market cycle? In this webinar noted Industry Analyst Jim Handy of Objective Analysis will provide a very clear and well-founded outlook for the market over the next three years, based on capital spending, commodity cycle dynamics, and historical patterns derived drawing from over 40 years of historical semiconductor industry statistics. Participants will learn how the market reached its current status and how market revenues will be impacted by technology shifts, demand trends, capital spending, and China’s upcoming role as a significant producer of semiconductors. All of these factors will be combined to project the most likely scenario for the years to come.

About the Speaker

Jim Handy is the Founder and General Director at Objective Analysis – a third-party independent market research and data provider for investors in the semiconductor industry. A widely recognized semiconductor analyst, with over 30 years experience in electronics, including 14 years as an industry analyst of Dataquest (now Gartner) and Semico Research – he has had a front seat view of the evolution of the industry with DRAM, NAND, and SSD since 1991. He is also an avid blogger (The Memory Guy and The SSD Guy, among various other blogs, articles, and publications he is known for) and a frequent presenter at trade shows.

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