Lynk Insights Q&A with Knowledge Partner: Gagan Pal on India Agritech

What led you to switch to the agritech industry?
The agenda for me has always revolved around sustainability as much as possible. I focused on this while working with solar power earlier in my career through various new technologies to now focusing on agritech. 

How do you bridge the gap between the farmer and the use of agritech in India?
An interesting use case of how we are bridging the gap between farmers and agritech in India can be seen via the platform of ENAM (e-National Agriculture Market) which enables farmers to simply use their phones to analyse live crops data collected via photos or videos to instantly receive the market value of their crops.

Differences between agritech in India and the rest of the world?
European and American agritech is much ahead in certain areas, while India is merely at the cusp of receiving these technologies, as with many other Asian countries with an abundance of prospects awaiting. Another noteworthy country’s adoption of technology would be Israel, who are at the peak of their agricultural industries.

A challenge/ opportunity you notice in the Indian agritech adoption?
There are far many more farmers than there are technologies to match in India right now. There are roughly 400 million farmers in India in 2019, however, due to the smaller scale of their farmlands, the available tech for larger fields are not widely adaptable. 

The sheer size of the market is huge, 600 billion USD of agri-market currently in India with the potential of doubling up to 1.2 trillion USD by 2022. ENAM serves as a national market place backed by the Government, but I think the opportunity for more tech solutions in this arena is immense.

What are your thoughts on the Knowledge-as-a-Service economy?
The KaaS economy is undeniably evolving rapidly right now. I strongly believe that as the gig economy model is more widely adopted, the KaaS economy will really gain popularity.

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