World Entrepreneur Day Feature: Lynk J.A. Wins at 2019 Photonis Challenge

In celebration of World Entrepreneur Day and Women’s Equality Day, we are excited to present to you our exclusive interview with our all-star female Junior Associate from the Global Client Success Team, Amanda Liusnando, on her recent success at the Photonis Science Challenge. Amanda along with one other teammate, under the team, Oligolight, won first place for their innovative biotech idea. They won rewards of 5000 euros cash prize and an all-expenses-paid trip to Bordeaux for their final pitch.

Can you tell us more about your winning idea at the Photonis Challenge?

The challenge is to help Photonis to develop new products, find new markets and applications, and identify ways to become integrated higher up in the value chain. Our idea was actually following the innovative consumer trends of wearable devices, incorporated with uses optics that are used in biomarker detection. I would love to share more with you but as our idea is actually being adapted for further research and development, I would have to spare the specifics for now. We are excited about the further development of our winning idea! Stay tuned till we are able to share more updates on this!

How did you hear about this challenge and how did you form a team?
As my teammate and I were studying the same major of biotechnology, we shared many classes together and had many similar projects assignments on the idea of the ‘future of biotechnology’. This typically extended to also considering the feasibility of the technology and the business practicality of our ideas. So last year when the Bayer Challenge related to biotechnology came up, my teammate and I decided to put our in-class projects experience to the test, and we won third place actually, which was a trip to Germany as part of our pitch presentation!

We heard about the Photonis competition from the same initial platform that we learned about Bayer Challenge from, Agorize, and as we really enjoyed our time working at last year’s challenge, we thought it would be great for us to join another challenge together. The whole process from ideation to pitching is extremely exciting despite the workload. We especially enjoyed coming up with fun taglines for our product ideas

What was your inspiration for your innovative idea?
Our inspiration came from the impact that is being built on the advancements in genomics, nanotechnology, in particular as part of the transition to the precision medicine era of healthcare.

How did you balance your work responsibilities with competing?
After coming up with our final idea, we decided to split all tasks between the two of us. I led more of the business analysis, while my teammate led the technical analysis. We always gave each other constructive and regular feedback. This was our second year competing together in this competition, and so we knew our strengths better.  

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