Lynk Insights Q&A with Knowledge Partner: Vikram Vohra on Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Can you explain how your years of experience in the pharma-tech industry has equipped you in culminating to your current role at Anivik? 
The experiences in multiple areas (i.e. manufacturing, projects, supply chain, contract manufacturing, technology transfer, training, etc.) and various roles have given me a  complete 360-degree overview and exposure to the pharmaceutical industry, not only for India but for markets across the globe. The three decades of hands-on experience and the expertise gained thereof has been the basis and strength for performing various projects and assignments in my current role. (We continue to learn and improvise as we move on!)

Has maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) always been a top priority for you, and if so, can you explain the effect this has had on your work?
Maintaining GMP and integrity is fundamental and core to my own business, and also while formerly working in larger enterprises.

(a) How has this allowed to you oversee projects of various natures?
We undertake assignments given that our clients are willing to be transparent and value integrity. We, in turn, do the necessary hand-holding (for which we take responsibility) end to end in order to ensure that we are compliant and are meeting all the current best practices and international standards across the globe.

(b) Do you have any unique insights you could share with us about maintaining high-level best practices?
The systems and procedures are designed keeping in view the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Research & Development (R&D) practices, etc. in mind. These are developed in concurrence with the local teams, with the intent to keep them simple and feasible at all times. Thus, enabling us to achieve a state of compliance always. 

What have been the 3 most exciting projects you’ve worked on in your career?
There are numerous projects in various areas of scope, however, to highlight with you guys, I shall rank the 3 most exciting ones I can openly disclose as:

  1. Setting up a facility for the manufacturing of sterile products designed and operated by my guidance entirely. These facilities have been inspected and approved by the likes of the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), etc.
  2.  Setting up a supply chain system for sourcing of products from India to countries in Africa and South America; this included the signing of contracts, getting products registered, aligning the manufacturing processes, the logistics including, transport, storage etc.
  3. Technology transfer of various products from lab scale to commercial-scale. This involved the implementation of new technologies in different units of operation and it was incredibly challenging requiring strategic planning experience.

How do you see your current role influencing and transforming the world we currently know?
Handling pharmaceuticals means dealing with living beings (primarily human beings when their bodies are low on immunity), hence providing the safest solutions for their lives is of utmost importance to us. The need to be constantly compliant while maintaining the integrity of our clients’ businesses at all costs is of paramount significance. This touches many facets of the pharma and medicine industry. That’s how the need for Anivik emerged and we are definitely here to innovate further and helping more clients with our solutions.

What are your thoughts on the Knowledge-as-a-Service economy?
The KaaS platform as provided by your organisation is a very simple and accessible format to spread knowledge and specialised expertises, making it available for even easier distribution to the masses in very fast and economical manner.  

This KaaS platform also provides an opportunity to learn and to be aware of the various dynamics in the different forms of businesses who have various knowledge needs from around the world.

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