Video: Expert Interviews With Vicara CEO And TOROOC CMO

Check out our exclusive interviews on video with Adarsh Warrier, the CEO and Co-Founder, of Vicara (the “KAI”) and Jaehee Chang, CMO of TOROOC (the “LIKU” robot). We had the chance to catch up with these two finalists of the Machine Demo Competition at RISE 2019 and discuss how they are using technology to positively influence the fourth industrial revolution.

The two finalists are experts in artificial intelligence integrated into the average human’s daily lives, be it from industrial settings at work or even having a companion at home. We are featuring them to champion their innovative contributions to the fourth industrial revolution as envisioned by the World Economic Forum.

The KAI’s wide range of applicability to human life that eliminates bottlenecks in day-to-day activities using technology. Adarsh shares how their invention augments human capabilities to perform better, if not as well as a machine’s precision. The KAI introduces the benefits of technological innovations of improving human capabilities rather than replacing human capital with machine capital.

“Some processes and machines can do some part of it and the humans can do some part of it, the objective is for both to be equally optimised. When a machine works better, the bottleneck will always be with the human. We are trying to create technology to augment the human capabilities so that they can work or communicate better or faster, and hence be more productive, and not be the bottleneck in the process” 

LIKU’s unique positioning of incorporating smart, active, ‘social intelligence’ and ‘core robotics technology’ is another key area of innovations in technology. Similarly to the KAI, LIKU is also focusing on harnessing benefits to other areas of human life, as shared by Jaehee. “This is an autonomous robot running on artificial intelligence, so it has its own emotions and decision-making processes, compared to other remote-controlled robots or being run by commands.” 

“We are building robots for humans, for us, for people. People should not be intimidated by having technologies such as robots in their houses. Right now, LIKU speaks its own language to express its emotions, but we believe that eventually, LIKU will speak the human languages”

She concludes with, “In terms of time and resources, we don’t have enough of them. Looking at robots, they’re considered a business of the future, but we need time and enough resources to bring this future to the present.”

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