Video: Expert Interviews With Presso CTO And Booqed COO

Check out our exclusive interviews on video with Thibault Corens, the CTO and Co-Founder, of Presso,  and Charles Oh, COO and Co-Founder of Booqed.  We had the chance to interview these two finalists of the ultimate pitch competition at RISE 2019, and discuss their trending innovations.

The two companies featured are experts in providing on-demand solutions after having understood consumers’ daily pain points, such as with Presso’s smart hardware solution, and with Booqed’s smart mobile solution. Both are commendable concepts in business-to-business (B2B) contexts, and also for the individual consumer. Thus, we are featuring them to champion their innovative contributions to the fourth industrial revolution as envisioned by the World Economic Forum.

Presso’s innovation to mankind is one that saves an enormous amount of time from the chore of laundry and/or dry cleaning. Their smart solution takes only 5 minutes for your clothing item to go through the entire dry-cleaning process, boasting its patent process which takes 100 times less water and 3 times less electricity per garment as opposed to traditional laundry. Presso has had successful trial runs not only at individual users’ houses but also in large hotel groups’ guest rooms, stationed for both direct usages of the hotel guest, and also for the use of the back-end hospitality staff as well.

Thibault walks us through how himself and his college batchmate came up with Presso, “In freshman year, we had our own separate startups, but when we came together, we realised we both really hated doing laundry. He explains that’s how he and his co-founder decided to reinvent the laundry and washing machine industry. “We looked at dry cleaning as it’s really old and overused. It’s really bad for your clothes as well which a lot of people don’t know.”

Booqed has introduced yet another revolutionary smart-app for both business and individual users to solve the pressing fight for a quiet and up-to-par working space on demand. Charles shares how the team at Booqed experienced these pain points themselves, before introducing their solution, “One of my co-founders and I, David, we used to work for a fund previously, which required a lot of traveling throughout Asia and Europe. We would always have meeting or calls at noisy coffee shops, or at a hotel lobby. I mean no joke, especially if you’re traveling through South-East Asia, it’s hard to find a quiet place, especially when you need to do important calls when you’re working on a deal.”

Charles shares how the boost in traction of on-demand services, such as that of Uber in Asia, led his team to think if you can order a car on your phone, why can’t you just book a meeting room through your phone? He recalls in retrospect, “I remember thinking how hard can that be? It is quite hard. A lot harder than we thought, but that’s how we started.”

Thibault stressed how Presso was not replacing the human capital involved in the traditional laundry industry, but instead streamlining the processes and augmenting the user’s intelligence, abilities, and experience as his team’s contribution to the fourth industrial revolution – not forgetting the environmentally-friendly efficiencies introduced by this new way of dry-cleaning. Charles also takes a similar viewpoint as to how repurposing and democratising access to the use of already existing spaces are, in fact, another augmentation to the individuals’ day-to-day user experience, even when considering business to business (B2B) functionality, as he sees with the rise of co-working spaces in Asia especially now.

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