Global “Knowledge-as-a-Service” Platform Lynk Announces Successful Funding Round

NEW YORK and HONG KONG, Nov. 20, 2019  —
Lynk, a global leader that spearheaded the “Knowledge-as-a-Service” (KaaS) sector, announced the close of a funding round led by Singapore-based MassMutual Ventures Southeast Asia (MMV SEA). Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund and Wavemaker Partners, who led the seed round, also participated. 

Lynk is the first “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) platform built on an expert network. This allows customers to access expertise and insights from advisors to innovate, enter new markets, and quickly understand business risk and evaluate opportunities. Unlike other expert access products, Lynk is focused on its KaaS technology platform that utilizes natural language processing, conversational AI analytics, and machine learning with human-in-the-loop to enable expert knowledge acquisition and sharing at scale. 

Anvesh Ramineni, Managing Director at MassMutual Ventures Southeast Asia said, “Lynk’s unparalleled growth and proprietary approach to harness unstructured data in building out a platform that can enable a wide range of potential applications made it an obvious choice for us. We look forward to supporting the company’s expansive growth across various regions of the world.”

Cindy Chow, Executive Director of the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, spoke about the company’s decision to invest in Lynk. “With the ever increasing specialisation of knowledge, it has become incredibly challenging for both small and large firms to understand new areas of interest accurately. Costs to hire or build expertise in-house are often prohibitive. Lynk’s KaaS offering provides the flexibility for companies to access expertise on any topic at any time.”

Commenting on the success of the raise, Peggy Choi, CEO and Founder of Lynk, said, “As the Lynk vision takes shape, our aim is to make access to expertise and knowledge as seamless as possible. Every business can benefit from getting credible answers from the person with the right experience and expertise, especially in a world with exponential growth in misinformation and disinformation. We are excited to share this journey, such strong global brands will support us through our next stage of development and rapid growth.”

Lynk gathers and structures data from diverse sources, including activities that happen on the platform. All these sources are curated and validated, and as new information is added, it is organized via a “knowledge graph”, scoring experts objectively. This means data is both accessible, and reusable. This allows Lynk to challenge the traditional “expert network” business model, lowering friction for access significantly, so Lynk is able to deliver more value, functionality and benefits to its fast-growing client base.

Lynk has expanded rapidly in-line with growing demand. In the past year, requests for Lynk’s solutions have grown threefold from both new and existing clients, including Fortune 100 companies and top institutions across sectors and geographies. The expansion enables Lynk to service its rapidly growing client base in North America and to further secure its position as the Best-in-Class platform with the most comprehensive coverage in Asia.

Lynk is the world’s first SaaS platform built on an expert network. It’s “Knowledge-as-a-Service” solution unlocks the insights of advisors from around the world, helping people and companies make more impactful decisions. By using data to understand, intelligently map, and organize advisors and their expertise, Lynk’s platform makes knowledge sharing faster and easier than ever, creating the first knowledge sharing economy.

Lynk helps companies and individuals succeed by connecting them with the right advisors who can share their specific insights and knowledge. Users can engage world-class advisors for quick consultations, ad-hoc research, consulting projects, or long-term engagements. Lynk’s wide range of customers include Fortune 100 companies, top-tier consulting firms, global private equity funds, hedge funds, media, government agencies, multinational enterprises and start-ups, spanning more than 60 countries. 

Lynk’s network of advisors include C-level executives, retired senior management, thought leaders, scientists, managers, engineers, independent consultants, lawyers, accountants, and financial analysts, among others. 

With offices in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, and Shanghai, Lynk is expanding rapidly with an office opening in Toronto later this year.