How Diversity of Thought Could Shape a More Gender-Equal World?

By Kimberley Cole

As Malala Yousafrazi shared in her book I am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, “we realise the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”

At Lynk, we decided to celebrate not just the voice of women by launching our flagship female leaders centric programme Lynk Elite Expert Women but also diversity of thought. In fact, diversity of thought is truly embedded in our DNA as not only is Lynk founded and led by a female leader, it also has a female to male ratio of 51:49 with over 20 nationalities as part of our global teams. As well as cultivating the diversity of thought internally, we are also committed to shaping a more gender-equal world in the way we know best: promoting the diversity of thought with more female experts participating and sharing their insights to those who need their expertise.

Some of the key highlights of our Lynk Elite Expert Women campaign during the month of International Women’s Day include over 160 female leaders onboarded from diverse industries, 11 of these new members featured in our interview series, and an ebook giveaway written by a Lynk Elite Expert Woman, Diana Wu David. We were also thrilled to be able to make a contribution to the Malala Fund as part of our campaign to support girls’ education around the world and nurture more female leaders for a more gender-equal world.

One of the numerous female leaders we wanted to put the spotlight on and celebrate as part of our campaign is Professor Esther Duflo who was the only female nominee at the 2019 Nobel Prizes Awards, and only the second recipient ever of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. One of Professor Duflo’s pivotal research exemplified the Role Model Effect which we found highly relevant to the community of female leaders we are curating. It demonstrated the impact of female leadership’s influence on adolescent girls’ career aspirations and educational attainment, basically having ‘erased’ and even ‘reversed’ the gender gap in educational outcomes. We’d love to say the rest was history after this finding, but we still have our part to play in achieving gender equality and diversity.

Even today, we can immediately make reference to how female leaders are responding remarkably well to the current coronavirus epidemic by making prompt yet balanced decisions at the top-level as well as on the ground level, with 70 percent of the world’s healthcare staff constituting women. Perhaps this is why the World Economic Forum’s recent research is drawing attention to the pressing fact that only 25 percent of global leaders are female, which hugely compromises the less gender-equal nations’ abilities to innovate given their less diverse leadership.

We at Lynk want to do our part by expanding our community of Lynk Expert Women, and helping to shape a more gender-equal world by adding female perspectives and voices. As a member of this community, you enjoy the opportunity of monetising your insights and knowledge, and may also participate in our editorial content production, ranging from exploratory articles, case studies, webinars, to podcasts, to name a few.

Diversity of Thought begins with Lynk Elite Expert Women, join our community here.