What Lynk HR Has Been Doing to Show The Future is Now

Given the current global crisis, typical human resources-led activities such as recruitment fairs, forums, mentorship sessions, monthly employee meet-ups, and all events alike had to take a pause and observe the global social distancing measures. This certainly did bring about a lot of challenges in ensuring our HR obligations and plans continue to be actioned on, but it also allowed us to rethink traditional practices. At Lynk, we are proud of our dynamic HR team who used this opportunity to adopt technological innovations to continue pursuing our collective goals, as well as keeping our teams equipped and safe.

How to Maintain a Workplace Gen Z Loves

Our Head of People and Learning Tanya Menzel recently participated in the Workaphilic: Make Gen Z Fall In Love With You webinar organised by AIESEC Hong Kong. She was joined by fellow HR leaders from corporations such as Jardine Matheson, Randstad and Asia Society to discuss key strategies in managing Gen Z employees’ needs and expectations.

Lynk Head of People and Learning Tanya Menzel went live for AIESEC HK’s webinar panel

Leading a growing company with a sizeable population of young personnel, Tanya discussed several on-the-ground examples to explain her modern day people management strategies. She expressed that maintaining a high level of confidentiality and building a trusting relationship between the company and its personnel was the most important factor to enable effective coaching and people management. She said this was particularly important when communicating with the Gen Z and millennial segments.

Another key factor she keeps at the forefront of her management style is reminding herself to listen to her teams rather than talking at them which has allowed her to better understand people’s motivation. She also stressed the importance of learning what motivates various teams at an individual level which has allowed her to design tasks more closely aligned to the personnel’s objectives and strengths. She expressed that this strategy always proved to boost productivity in the longer run.

Virtual Career Fairs

Back in April, our Global Talent Acquisition Manager Salomé Braibant hosted a virtual recruitment booth at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s career fair. The fair was an immense success enabled by technological advancements over the curated platform Easy Virtual Fair. This platform simulated a highly interactive environment, which Salomé believes greatly boosts effectiveness of a career fair.

Lynk’s booth at the CUHK’s recent virtual career fair

Salomé has outlined some key benefits for us to understand the differences between virtual and in-person career fairs:

  • Eco-friendly
    -Eliminating face-to-face events to avoid the consumption of many resources: there was no travel incurred as students and companies’ representatives attended this job fair mostly from home.

    -Students did not need to print out their CVs and portfolios, and neither did companies distribute any printed leaflets or souvenirs.
  • Talent Pool
    This virtual fair allowed us to grow the talent pool for our Client Solutions teams by: 
    -Outreaching to CUHK student communities from all disciplines at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels: great talent search tool and direct access to students’ CVs and profiles 

    -Promoting job recruitment: advertising of our job opportunities for one month to current students and graduates 

    -Engaging directly with the students to understand their career aspirations and strengths during the fair 
  • Live Chat with Enhanced Security
    -All booth visitors, both students and representatives from other companies, were able to quickly reach out to get answers real-time. We were also able to screen candidates on the spot. There was also no need for candidates to queue up for the usual 10+ minutes to speak to booth representatives as often experienced during in-person career fairs.
Lynk Founder & CEO Peggy Choi’s founder story at Lynk’s virtual booth
  • Promoting Lynk More Seamlessly
    -Direct access to Lynk Social Media pages:
    Candidates and booth visitors were able to access all of Lynk’s social media pages and read our shared articles as well as recent company updates to learn more about Lynk and the Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) industry within a few clicks.

    -Easier Information Exchange
    Virtual career fairs offer the opportunity to easily share information through more engaging formats targeting a broader audience, such as videos of Lynk Founder and CEO Peggy Choi’s founder story and her Bloomberg interview as well as video journals of former Lynk interns. This further enabled us to showcase the multiple aspects and strengths of our company culture than doing so by traditional means of corporate giveaways and materials.
  • Measurable Results
    Virtual career fairs are a great way to obtain measurable results, real-time data to quickly identify how many people visited the booth during the career fair (148 in total in two days!). We are also able to understand what captured the attention of our target audience the most.

    Get in touch with us at jobs@lynkpeople.com to explore your opportunities with Lynk or directly apply here.