Letter From Lynk CEO: Pride Agenda 2020

By Peggy Choi

We are facing increasing system prejudices around us — race, ethnicity, religion, political, gender, generation, wealth — the list goes on. At Lynk, we are intentional in building an inclusive culture that bridges any divide. It is equally important for us to celebrate our differences as it is to represent diversity of thought. We have zero-tolerance against discrimination of any kind.

In our all-hands meeting this week, Lynkers globally participated in a collaborative virtual art exercise to experience the power of difference, and reflect our collective commitment to diversity and inclusion. We each picked an individual and different color that, when combined onto a canvas, creates a unique artistic representation of who we are as a company. We are very proud of the multitude of cultures, talents, and skill sets we represent and work with across our operations. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone — no matter their background — can succeed.

To celebrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion across our company, we have organised a series of activities to celebrate Pride Month to empower all stakeholders through critical conversations about the global movement. Here is an overview of our Pride 2020 Agenda which we would love to invite all of you to get involved:

1) Virtual Art Collaborative Activity:
How are you cracking the #DiversityCode?
We want to share a simple virtual activity we found greatly effective in exploring our teams’ differences in self-representation. It was a really quick exercise that helped spark conversation into understanding which colors our teammates chose to represent themselves, as well as extended chats into how we can contribute to our company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives and more. We found this incredibly engaging and wanted to share the toolkit to create your own #DiversityCode to share with your teams!

You can download the template and instructions to replicate the same activity at your organization here. Remember to tag #DiversityCode when sharing your team’s virtual collaborative artwork on your social feeds. We look forward to more teams joining us in cracking the diversity code!

2) Lynk x Community Business Webinar – Pride at Work:
Why Diversity & Inclusion Should Matter
Given the challenges in hosting any physical forums or workshops for Pride Month, we decided to partner with Community Business to host a virtual webinar open to the public on the crucial topic of why diversity and inclusion should matter at workplaces in particular. 

Our guest speaker, Peter Sargant, CEO of Community Business and former founder of the D&I Council at Standard Chartered Bank, will be walking us through the importance of diversity and inclusion in the modern world and how the LQBTQ+ community has progressed in the 2020 workplace. He will also explore strategies to design more inclusive workplaces, as well as other means by which organizations can support LGBTQ+ employees.

Register for free here

3) Pride Q&A Series with Diversity and Inclusion Industry Leaders
We are launching a diversity and inclusion Q&A series on June 12 featuring D&I industry leaders from various large organizations. We will be exploring these experts’ journeys into the D&I space, as well as their top advice for modern-day management. Some of these experts include Sophie Guieren, Head of Diversity & Inclusion for Asia Pacific at Johnson & Johnson, and Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Credit Suisse to highlight a few.

4) ‘What does Pride mean to you in 1 word?’ Quote Photo Challenge
We are hosting an internal poll on what Pride means to our teams globally, after which the various interpretations will be shared and discussed internally throughout the month.

5) Diversity and Inclusion Integration into Lynk’s Product Solution
The theme of diversity and inclusion is also integrated into our core product, Lynk Enterprise. By showcasing experts in the D&I space to our network of users, we are able to highlight leaders from different verticals and laterals in this space and empower our users with the awareness and access to on-the-ground knowledge about this timely topic:

Expertise Navigator: Diversity and Inclusion

Contact our team for access to preview this initiative or request a trial.

Stay tuned for all our Pride initiatives and activities on Lynk’s social media: LinkedInFacebookInstagram